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Will MPS Hardware become an OBM in future?
After producing Insulation Stick Pins for many years, we have accumulated extensive market knowledge and resources (talents, partners, technology, materials, etc.) and has earned a pretty good reputation and recognition in the industry. To survive and thrive in the highly competitive market, we seek for building and selling our own brand. We know for each producer, branding is a big challenge, especially for the small and medium ones that lack the resources and marketing team which large companies have. But if you stand still, you end up moving backward. We have the courage to meet the new challenge.

As a reputable manufacturer of sewing thread set in the Chinese market, Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. has earned a good reputation for designing and manufacturing. MPS Hardware focuses on providing a variety of self locking washers for customers. MPS stainless steel wing seal undergoes different types of evaluation and testing. This involves the evaluation and testing of its shape and design, electric shock hazard, and whether sharp edges or points can result in user injury. Its tape has a good stickiness, which makes it not easy to break. MPS Hardware is a supplier of focusing on the quality assurance of insulation screws. It has sharp top, making it easy to penetrate through the insulation.

Abiding by the idea of insulation pin, MPS now has gained much reputation since now. Check now!
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