Why is heat preservation nail so popular?

by:MPS     2020-11-08

in thermal insulation construction, heat preservation nail is the most commonly used to anchor, its main function is fixed insulation roll mat and plank. It can also be used in the construction adhesive glue, but why the nails or so popular?

when it comes to heat preservation nail popular reasons, we can from several aspects to understand. First of all, the nail with low coefficient of thermal conductivity of materials is made and be become, chose this material, because it will not transfer the temperature of the indoor temperature and outdoor, can have good heat preservation effect, is the real thermal insulation material. Second, nails, volume is small, but compared with adhesive glue, its fixed effect is very good, and the price is low, so he is popular with the construction unit.

in addition, a lot of heat preservation nail stability performance is good, in the face of the nature of all sorts of extreme weather and corrosion, etc. , can keep a longer service life and good using effect, which is one of the reasons it has attracted much attention. Especially in damp environment, also can maintain good effect, more worthy of choose and buy.

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