Why can waterproof nylon rods

by:MPS     2020-10-03

why can waterproof nylon rods? There is a lot of people this question, today for everyone to do a detailed introduction, let's see.

1, nylon rods made water repellent treatment.

after the disposal of nylon plate added some special function is built using the longer the time by flushing the more the number of times the function to lose this time beginning to disposal to ensure its function.

2, as a waterproof breathable membrane manufacturing data.

the waterproof in the waterproof function is very strong, compared with nylon board, of course, there must be different, the data can only be bound to the conditions and circumstances have waterproof function, and associated with the water temperature is a must, and the characteristic of the nylon is better, no this doubt.

3, some building materials only present the rain snow weather, water surface line near waterproof set, the construction of long time soaking in the water will present a leaking condition. 而运用尼龙板则不会呈现这个疑问尼龙板的防水性是极好的。

4, and now the continually advance and improve skills, nylon plate daub skills have greatly improved, which makes the function of nylon plate is more and more perfect, the water proofing property is completely ensure, can use at ease.

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