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Wholesale insulation accessories manufacturers for industry

Wholesale insulation accessories manufacturers for industry

Wholesale insulation accessories manufacturers for industry
  • Wholesale insulation accessories manufacturers for industry

Wholesale insulation accessories manufacturers for industry

Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. supplies insulation accessories with insulation accessories features in various specifications.
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Stainless Steel Banding In Carton Box

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    Cardboard box package works in the same way as plastic tote dispenser, just the former is not as durable as the latter. The advantage of cardboard package is less expensive, with all product specification printed on. When the quantity comes to 1500 rolls per shipment, we can design and print logo on boxes according to clients’ requirement, including company name, address, contacts, etc.. It’s a good option for the clients that we work with as OEM.

Advantage for our company

  • Melparts is an insulation fastener manufacturing factory, we manufacture a full series of insulation pins and washers, cooperare with us, we can ensure

  • ◪   1: Good price- we sale what we manufacture.

  • ◪   2: On-time delivery-we have the auto-production line for every product to ensure the on-time delivery.

  • ◪   3: Excellent Quality, we have rich experence for insulation pins, we know the feature about every kind of insuation pin and customer’s requirements.


Stainless Steel Banding In Carton Box
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Banding width available

1/4 inch / 6.35mm;

3/8 inch / 9.5mm;

1/2 inch / 12.7mm;

5/8 inch / 16mm;

3/4 inch / 19mm;

For width over 3/4 inch ( 19mm ), we need to customize the package box.



Banding roll length available

100 feet ( 30.5 meters ), with thickness limit: less than 0.03 inch ( less than 0.75mm );

50 meters, with thickness limit: less than 0.02 inch ( less than 0.50mm );

200 feet ( 61 meters ), with thickness limit: less than 0.02 inch ( less than 0.50mm ).


For bundling cables, billboards, traffic signs, pipes, water-cooled cables, etc.

Can be matched

 And can be supplied to clients in complete sets with accessories including tooth buckles, wing seals clips, toggles.

As our insulation accessories are made of insulation accessories, they are durable and high quality.
There are different types of insulation accessories for our customer's choice.
Since insulation accessories technological measures were put forward, insulation accessories's body frame has been highly improved.
The adopt of insulation accessories bring the insulation accessories features of insulation accessories.
Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. uses high quality insulation accessories as main material.
The product is known for its reliability. It is able to finish its tasks while providing uniform and faultless results without any breakdown.
The product features flammability resistance. It has passed the fire resistance testing, which can ensure that it does not ignite and pose risk to lives and property.
The product has the advantage of temperature resistance. Variations in temperature will not generate significant deviations in its stiffness or fatigue resistance, nor in any of its other mechanical properties.
The product is highly responsive. Thanks to its advanced control system, it can respond in a short time without any delay.
This product is very soft. Chemical softener is used to adsorb on the fiber surface, making the fiber surface smooth and enhancing the force between the fibers at the same time.
The product features the desired electrical safety. During its operation, it is less likely to appear problems like discharge, surge current, and current leakage.
This product consumes little electricity and helps save on much energy costs due to its high efficiency. In this way, it will contribute to a reduction in operation costs.
It will significantly cut the electricity bills for people if they insist on using it or replace the old one with it.
The product plays an important role in many industries. It not only benefits workers by relieving their stress but also benefits manufacturers by cutting labor costs.
This product contributes a lot to my business. It has the advantages of easy operation and maintenance, which greatly lowers my operation costs. - One of our customers said.
The use of this product will lead to less consumption of energy, which automatically translates to savings on electricity bills.
The product is resilient, durable, and has good color retention, which enables it to be used for generations to come.
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