What to do if pin weld insulation is damaged during shipping?
Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. makes every attempt to protect the item from harm, but it cannot be fully ensured. If you find any damage, please write it all down. These documentation will be very helpful if you need to submit a claim to the carrier. MPS Hardware attaches great importance to such matters and will thoroughly analyze individual cases. We are sorry for the accident. If this happens, please contact us via any radio station and we will do our best to do this.

MPS Hardware has been considered as one of the most powerful and competitive manufacturers of . We have gained years of experience. MPS Hardware focuses on providing a variety of sewing thread for customers. It ensures HD visuals. It boasts a proper gain of reflectivity, providing the widest possible viewer angles with perfect diffusion uniformity. Its housing and insert are assembled tightly, which ensures it to be strong. The spreading popularity of sewing thread profits by the complete sales network. It has the characteristics of heat resistance.

Continuous innovation of product technology is a fundamental part in MPS. Contact us!
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