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What's the insulation on the exterior wall thermal insulation system for

by:MPS     2020-08-23

the building's exterior wall insulation construction, in addition to the necessary insulation board and the main materials such as thermal insulation blanket, heat preservation nail is not lack of auxiliary materials, it mainly in exterior wall thermal insulation system has what effect?

we first to get to know the insulation nails, it mainly has three parts: one is the casing made of nylon, the second is the casing of the galvanized steel screws, nylon disc before three is casing, this part is used for gland insulation board. Sales on the market there are many kinds of specifications and length of nails, this is decided by its usage environment.

these nails since it is used in the construction of exterior wall thermal insulation, it is inevitable to all kinds of extreme weather and other material from outside contact, galvanized screws can solve the problem of corrosion, to ensure the durability of the nail. The casing has a lower heat transfer properties of nylon material, the winter is not cold bridge, is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving materials.

heat preservation nail is basically in the insulation of the building, especially the construction of exterior wall thermal insulation, its main function is fixed insulation board. It has a good anti-aging, temperature shock resistance, heat resistant to cold, high bearing capacity, tensile performance is good wait for an advantage, and not prone to deformation after loading, also has the properties such as shock, absorption and noise insulation, so in many thermal insulation construction by reuse.

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