What's most wear-resisting material nylon rods

by:MPS     2020-09-28

nylon rods is a kind of important engineering plastics, can replace mechanical equipment wear parts, instead of the copper and alloys for equipment wear resistance. Has good toughness and wear resistance force, oil resistant, seismic, stretching, bending strength, and has the characteristics of small water absorption, good dimensional stability, and is used for processing various wear-resistant high strength parts.

nylon rods is suitable for making wear parts, transmission parts, home appliance parts, automotive parts, wire rod to prevent the machine parts, chemical machinery parts, chemical equipment. Such as turbine, gear, bearing, impeller, shaft, dashboard, drive shaft, valve, blades, wire rod, high pressure washers, screws, nuts, seals, shuttle, Jane, bushing connector, etc.

nylon rod is made of nylon 1010 or MC nylon nylon rods is more wear-resisting, the wear-resisting is joined the wear resistant modifier nylon rods. For nylon 1010 resin, Adhesive) Basic material, adding all sorts of anti-friction material by mixing and extruding machine made of nylon 1010 modified plastics. Has a lower friction coefficient of pure nylon 1010 resin, higher PV value and better friction abrasion resistant properties, better self lubrication.

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