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What kind of packing is provided for stainless accessories ?
See "Product" page to find the packing methods Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. offered. We are serious about the packing material used for stainless accessories , and of the opinion that packing is a way to decrease the final weight of the package and shipping cost. The packing is aimed at guaranteeing the delivery in good conditions.

Melparts Hardware is one of the world's leading small self locking washers producers. Melparts Hardware produces a number of different product series, including sewing thread. Innovation-oriented design: MPS silica texturized fabrics is innovatively designed by a team of professional designers. They are full of innovative ideas and are willing to embrace the changing market demands. The product is packed by the strong and sturdy cargo. This product has a long service life while delivering constantly high quality. It has the characteristics of heat resistance.

Our silica fabrics can meet customers for different positioning and requirements of silica fabrics. Please contact us!
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