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What is the exterior wall insulation special anchor pieces

by:MPS     2020-11-11

speaking of exterior wall thermal insulation special anchor pieces, what do you think of? If is insulation nails, so congratulations you right. Of exterior wall thermal insulation for heat preservation nail is indeed the anchorage parts, it is mainly used for fixed thermal insulation material. Now, let's learn about it!

galvanized screw with nylon tube and some other substance constitutes the anchorage of exterior wall thermal insulation is special parts, while making the material of the products is certain, but on the product specification is usually made of specific requirements, and most of these specific requirements were set according to the thickness of the insulation material, so as to guarantee the anchoring piece is better for fixed thermal insulation material.

to understand its function, to know the performance it right now.

as we all know, heat preservation material is a variety of construction environment, it is to anchor some excellent product performance requirements. In order to ensure that it can better adapt to the environment, requires that it has good temperature resistance, ageing resistance, and it must have certain pressure, so as not to appear in the process of pressure fracture.

if you mastered the knowledge of the above, so basically the insulation nails have a deeper understanding. Welcome to our factory to choose products.

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