What is plastic insulation nails

by:MPS     2020-09-25

plastic insulation nails? The raw materials of plastic heat preservation nail is high strength of super toughness nylon, self tapping screw expansion structure installed in the tail, convenient material better fixed on the wall.

product specifications and diverse, especially used in solid walls and reinforced concrete wall, has good aging resistance and durability, plastic heat preservation nail applicable temperature environment is - 40℃- 70℃。

product specifications and diverse, fixed in exterior insulation system widely used in the insulation board, has the very good shock resistance, weather resistance, weathering resistance and fracture resistance performance.

plastic heat preservation nail has been very popular in the market, a lot of construction agent of these products are very trustworthy. People approved this kind of product, so much depends upon the use of superior product performance. The operation of the product is very simple, in all aspects are very good.

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