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What honors has MPS obtained?
The honor for MPS is always domestic. It is also recognized by customers in some foreign countries. Certification is evidence of performance. We will do our endeavor to get international certification.

Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd., a trustworthy provider of self tapping metal screws based in China, has accumulated rich experience in the development, design, and manufacture. MPS Hardware focuses on providing a variety of self locking washers for customers. MPS self tapping metal screws is manufactured by complying with a variety of electrical standards, including electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and the chemical composition of materials. The product has undergone the surface treatment, like polishing and color painting. With prospering economy development, MPS always puts a lot of efforts on the quality assurance of wing seal. Its insulation can be guaranteed to be of high quality and it is not easy to be damaged.

MPS Hardware has been making every effort to provide high-technology silica fabrics. Check now!
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