What are the typical features of plastic insulation nails

by:MPS     2020-09-24

plastic heat preservation nail features: Gao Qiangchao toughening nylon/PE/PP refined but become, expands its tail with screw tapping layout, can be better on the wall with the information, and convenient construction, reinforced concrete wall and the unique suitable solid wall, durability, and better aging resistance, can be in - 40 ℃ to + 70 ℃ temperature environment, insist for a long time.

bar is widely used in the insulation layer of the house. Has anti-aging, temperature resistant mutation, anti-corrosion, cold heat; High bearing capacity, high pressure, good tensile functions; After loading is not easy to deformation, moisture, vibration, absorb noise and outstanding features such as insulation. Device is concise, hammer can, do not need special device.

based on the insulation layer thickness is different, divided into multiple standards. First used in exterior insulation system of insulation board is fixed, suitable for all kinds of wall materials, such as concrete, solid and hollow wall, thick resistance good, sensation, weathering resistance, resistance to cracking resistance, strong durability.

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