What are the outer wall heat preservation nail construction step

by:MPS     2020-09-21

outer wall heat preservation nail and exterior wall anchoring nails, exterior wall anchoring bolt, etc. Outer wall heat preservation nail of exterior wall thermal insulation system is mainly used for the insulation board is fixed, plastic expansion insulation nails, divided into a variety of specifications, according to the thermal insulation layer of thick, widely used in architectural decoration. Insulation nails are widely used in the insulation of the building.

construction steps:

1. After positioning: insulation board on the wall, make sure the anchoring point location;

2。 Drilling: through the insulation board already in place, according to the specified size (drilling Note: the actual depth into the wall should be more than 7 cm) ;

3。 Mesh: the heat preservation nail rod in chafing dish, make the heat preservation nail four ribs from the mesh plate;

4。 Implant: nail tube directly inserted into the drilled hole to heat preservation plate from the plate with;

5。 Type: to form a complete set of plastic nail nail with a hammer to knock into the tube, Plastic nail should be parallel to the insulation board shall prevail) 。

it is suitable for the construction of the cold weather, it is applied, is not easy to break.

use: it is practical in polystyrene board ( Shule plate) , extruded board and various fixed construction of indoor and outdoor insulation layer. Such as refrigerator, hengwenku, plank wall, etc.

external wall thermal insulation nails used large automated injection molding production equipment, first-class quality. This product is widely used in wall fixed extruded insulation board, polystyrene board, and all kinds of insulation of lightweight products. The so-called 'nylon' also is a kind of plastic distortion and tensile strength of its relatively stronger than plastic.

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