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What are the geothermal staple material requirements

by:MPS     2020-10-13

geothermal card pin material is relatively very strict, first geothermal card pin hardness is higher then its toughness is better. And the ability to low temperature, its agnail the Angle of the design is reasonable. Below small make up for everyone explain about geothermal card material requirements.

geothermal staple material from the appearance, will not be able to have a flash or burr, so you can ensure that users feel comfortable, to facilitate users to take hold. In addition, the sharp tip and the leg can not deformation. Want enter the thermal insulation layer geothermal staple the agnail can quickly open, and resistance to pull off force can not be less than 15 Newton.

card pin can easily penetrate 20 kilograms per cubic meter of thermal insulation layer. Staple opening short spend long nail will be easy to cause the card and foamed cement layer or the depth of the benzene board contact is not enough. Therefore in the process of the installation of floor heating must be according to the time of the construction of selecting opening size appropriate card, so as to achieve the ideal effect of construction. Heat preservation nail '> bar

geothermal card pin can be widely used in municipal construction, apartments, office halls, villas, garden attractions, old building renovation, the guard control box, and many other engineering fields. This is applicable to new building materials of brick structure, frame structure, steel structure, light and other types of buildings, can also be applied to energy saving renovation of existing buildings decoration and indoor and outdoor decoration. Geothermal card pin is becoming more and more wall insulation decorative building materials of choice.

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