What are the advantages of using the aluminum wall thermal insulation nails

by:MPS     2020-07-02

heat preservation nail is a common use of exterior wall thermal insulation nails, in the south called 'exterior wall thermal insulation anchor', in the north called 'aluminum insulation nails', it is mainly used for external wall thermal insulation board fixed used in the system.

career heat preservation nail factory is hebei aluminum heat preservation nail manufacturers, use what's good about our factory production of thermal insulation nails? Below small make up for everybody explanation: I plant heat preservation nail type variety, model complete, widely English architectural decoration. It has anti-aging, temperature shock, cold resistant, heat resistant, high bearing capacity, high pressure, tensile performance is good, not easy to deformation after loading, but also has well protected against moisture, shock, sound-absorbing, lie between rashness, convenient installation is simple. Is your choice for decoration use, what are you waiting for? Quick come to our factory to choose!

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