What about the lead time of insulation fastener from placing a order to delivery?
Insulation fastener 's orders will be processed in order. Once you place an order, we need to ensure the quality of the product, but also need to connect with the freight forwarders to ensure the safe transport of these products. Please be assured that we have a comprehensive delivery system and will provide you with the product as soon as possible.

Shenzhen Melparts Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. has established a brand image of high-end self locking washers. insulation pin produced by Melparts Hardware is very popular in the market. The design of MPS insulation pins is presented by a team of designers by adopting the creative and modern design concept. It is which was recognized by the market. It has the superior performance of anti-aging. The integrity, strength and product quality of the Melparts Hardware have been recognized by the industry. Between its pins and bases, there is firm conjunction.

If you have any question about our insulation pins, we have professional team to help you. Inquire online!
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