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Welding construction of heat preservation nail is not affected by the temperature control of the construction site

by:MPS     2020-10-30

insulation nails in our building work got very good application. And the welding construction of heat preservation nail are not controlled by the temperature of the construction site, in winter and any temperature welding, will not affect the welding quality. Once the welding is completed, heat preservation nail won't fall off naturally, so as to effectively guarantee the construction quality. Below small make up will take you to learn more knowledge of products.

bar due to the length of the pin welding is consistent, so after welding heat preservation cotton surface smooth, clean and beautiful. Repair the welding machine also can be used as a tool for the adhesive heat preservation nail loss due to glue rickety to repair the parts, to ensure the engineering quality. Applied range: all you need to install a fixed heat preservation, can be used. No shape restrictions: on any shape of the ventilation pipe welding, can guarantee the quality of construction, especially in a circular duct construction, more can reflect the incomparable superiority. Save material: can be used coil, which save the heat preservation cotton, but also reduce the juncture, saving construction cost and improve the quality of heat insulation. To save time: the welder welding 40 minutes per insulation nails, and pavement heat preservation cotton while welding is fixed, does not need to wait for heat preservation nail solidification time. Safety, simple construction, because the shop while fixed the construction method of one-time installation is complete, so reduce the workers work high time and frequency, makes the construction more safe, more quickly.

the content of the above is our today for heat preservation nail related knowledge introduction, our welding thermal insulation nails, so the ventilation pipe surface cleanliness requirements is not high, especially in the construction of the local environment is bad, this technology can prevent heat preservation nail loss. So we all can rest assured to buy.

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