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Variable heat preservation nail to meet market demand

by:MPS     2020-11-20

in different regions, different consumption market, production of heat preservation nail technology conditions and production ability is different, the thickness of the insulation material is also different. In the face of these difference, heat preservation nail needs changing to better to adapt to the changeful market.

in Inner Mongolia in northern xinjiang these years since the temperature is not high, the wind is very big. To heat preservation material will not occur off will lengthen insulation nails, mostly use products are 5. 5 or 6 cm. And in the northeast region warm house plan, in this region is to group of thermal performance is good heat preservation nail product. In the heat preservation nail products in north China is uneven, but use white six more heat preservation nail hole. Have a passion for blue material heat preservation nail in henan area, and in jiangsu area is more interested in low voltage of the original packaging products, requires a reliable quality.

in the heat preservation nail production process, to more the needs of different regions, the production of various types of products to meet market demand.

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