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Used in the construction of heat preservation nail matters needing attention

by:MPS     2020-11-10

in thermal engineering, a heat preservation nail used for heat preservation material of fixed and two kinds of special adhesive, role to play in another fixed heat preservation nail, used in the construction should be paid attention to the following questions.

bar for small volume, heat preservation engineering in use at least 9 per square meter, so the construction of workers should be paid attention to determine the amount of heat preservation nail per square meter, too much will affect insulation heat preservation effect, too little will influence the fixed effect again. Sold on the market of heat preservation nail fixed type, specification, dimension and so on each are not identical, respectively according to different thermal insulation material and thermal insulation engineering, workers before use should be sure of the specifications of the screws in line with the engineering needs.

bar is divided into three parts, respectively is galvanized screws, nylon sleeve and a fixed wafers, when used to fix the nylon bushing on heat preservation material, and then insert the galvanized screws, nylon plate on final installation, this is to complete the installation of the heat preservation nail, process cannot be reversed, nor the lack of any a part, is the installation is complete.

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