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Understand which should be paid attention to using thermal insulation nails

by:MPS     2020-11-10

for thermal insulation for housing, the use of all kinds of insulation materials are indispensable, among them, the bar is one of these materials, and the use of thermal insulation nails, the choose and buy what are the pitfalls should correctly understand?

for heat preservation nail misunderstanding, first should be the role of it. This kind of heat preservation material can understand from the name, its role should be the main like ordinary nail fixation. But while the effect is a fixed heat preservation material, but that doesn't mean that only use this kind of fixed material in construction, also need to use products like glue, so that the engineering quality is better. Secondly, heat preservation nail has certain heat preservation effect, but it is a representative we should put all the insulation expectation on it, compare it or fixed plate, the main function of insulation, flame retardant effect and so on are its side effect.

to heat preservation nail various myths, when buy insulation nails and other insulation materials should pay attention to, to ensure complete materials performance is very important.

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