Topic of coating and paint

by:MPS     2020-08-09
About coating and paint the topic has been talked about for years, but still no definition of a unified, scientific, standardized. Understanding of coating and paint industry has always been equal, so in the national standard glossary terms only paint terminology standard, but the outside world often divided the two, believed to be two different types of products. Industry in the two completely different with the outside world to know not only cause confusion among commodity nature, causing confusion in the nature of the industry. What's more, it is said that some local governments will paint in inflammable and explosive dangerous goods shall be strictly controlled, and coating is not hazardous to manage it. Then, some new paint manufacturers began to take advantage of the loopholes in the policy, production is obviously solvent paint, but when a factory named deliberately avoid 'paint' two words, and named the paint factory or special coatings company etc, in order to avoid hazardous according to corporate governance. It is to use the basic concept of chaos in speculative business. Therefore, the author thinks that the definition of the term is an important basic work, and accurate, scientific definition of coating and paint the noun is especially necessary in today's. The evolution of the concept of coating and paint paint in our country has a long history. Is called paint, from early leave the vegetable oil and Chinese lacquer, this material so that the word 'paint' is carrying heavy history and ancient culture. With the continuous development of science and technology, the paint industry has grown, the variety of paint, category and constant innovation. The word 'paint' has emerged in the 1950 s. In the industry has always think coating and paint only on the same kind of material of two kinds of different appellation. In the 20th century 50 - In the '60 s, even in the middle of 70 s, the industry will be more 'paint' understood as learning, according to the understanding is commonly known as 'paint'. So, then how many with 'paint' the title of some academic taste, seems to only can enjoy paint the word named research unit, such as coating research institute or coatings. At the same time, every production enterprise shall call QiChang paint factory, paint factory, or system.
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