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Thermal insulation system of binding mortar, the mortar have to differ?

by:MPS     2020-08-12
Bonding mortar is mainly solved the rigid wall at the grass-roots level with the flexible WenXin material bonding between the problem, and insulation system bonded mortar and its bond strength can reach 1 wall at the grass-roots level. 0 mpa, and the bond strength of EPS board can reach 0. 2 mpa, and XPS bond strength can reach 0. 4 Mpa, far higher than the national standard, and fully guarantee the fastness of the basic wall with thermal insulation layer bonding. Plaster mortar has good anti-cracking effect, can solve the difficulties in cracking the alkali and other systems, and have hydrophobic function, make the whole heat preservation system become a breathable coating, waterproof breathable, blocking water accumulation in the middle insulation layer, prevent fall off, truly 'whole life' standard.
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