Thermal insulation pipe welding heat preservation nail matters needing attention

by:MPS     2020-10-08

adiabatic pipe commonly used to reduce pipe to heat or measures to reduce the external heat source to the pipe heat transfer and maintain the pipeline medium temperature in the range of allowable design, meet the needs of production and energy saving. Now, let's look at thermal insulation pipe welding heat preservation nail should pay attention to the problem.

1, the heat preservation nail and connection on the surface of the duct, components and equipment, adhesive or welding, can be used in combination with should be strong, must not fall off; Should maintain a duct of flat after welding, should not influence on the performance of the galvanized steel corrosion;

2, rectangular duct or equipment insulation nails should be uniformly distributed, the number of bottom should not be less than 16 per square meter, side should not be less than 10, top surface should not be less than 8. First line insulation nails and the heat preservation material edge distance should be less than 120 mm;

3, duct flange part of the thickness of the insulation blanket, should not be below 0 duct insulation blanket. Eight times.

4, moisture vapour layer insulation flat-fell seam, apply adhesive tape seal. The width of the adhesive tape should not be less than 50 mm. Paste adhesive tape should be firmly on the moistureproof layer, can not have burst and fall off.

heat preservation nail installation is simple, do not need special installation tool. Galvanized screw well solve the corrosion problems, good durability, and low heat transfer performance of nylon material, the winter is not cold bridge, high efficiency and energy saving. According to the wall material and anchorage exterior wall materials by different roughly divided into solid wall insulation nails, hollow brick is special heat preservation nail, wire mesh is special heat preservation nail and equipped mould.

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