The use of the staple of floor heating makes the floor heating pipe fixed more quickly

by:MPS     2020-10-14

fixed way mainly USES the card pin to floor heating pipe is fixed, the use of staple of floor heating to make the floor heating pipe fixed more rapid and convenient. Steel stud card are U design, u-shaped opening distance according to the diameter of the floor heating pipe to determine, is commonly 3. 5 - 4. 0 cm, slightly bigger than the staple of semicircle diameter, this design is mainly use the elasticity of the nail wire card itself, make card pin has a stretch of outward.

floor heating of the eight big advantage:

1 improve blood circulation and metabolism, has obvious curative effect on rheumatism.

2 floor heating form of wind, can reduce the pressure on the elderly cardiovascular;

3 keep skin moisture, help women youth permanent.

4 indoor and no dust, appropriate respiratory sensors, reduce the incidence of asthma;

5 is beneficial to keep a clear head, help improve memory and comprehension, so as to improve the learning efficiency;

6 improve sleep quality, sleep fast, guarantee the deep sleep, is conducive to maintain strong energy to work;

7 save space, to avoid the traditional installation radiator directly concerns;

8 according to the scientific statistics show that the floor heating system can stimulate people to increase activity, help to health of body and mind.

floor heating installation, for the cold winter is undoubtedly one of the best protective method. For the elderly and children this body resistance is weak groups, floor heating is can give people enough warmth;

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