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The use and concept of nail knot type thermal insulation

by:MPS     2020-08-12
< P> knot type heat preservation nail purpose: when required by the building external thermal insulation system has reinforced with knot type thermal insulation. Too much wind area or building wind tunnel with a knot type thermal insulation in areas such as the nail. Tall, high-rise buildings and general outside, nodes are parts of the building with knot type thermal insulation. When the external thermal insulation system of insulation board is extruded polystyrene insulation board with knot type heat preservation nail. < / P> < P> knot type: the concept of heat preservation nail knot type nylon insulation heat preservation nail called back to twist type anchor bolt adopt Gao Qiangchao toughening nylon and antirust processing of high strength steel, its tail with screw expansion anchor back structure, the wall body that can be fixed tightly in various materials, especially suitable for the anchoring of the hollow brick. The expansion volume and the pressure plate one-piece structure, more suitable for the steel wire rack fixed insulation board. < / P>
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