The staple of floor heating technical requirements

by:MPS     2020-10-14

floor heating cardin specifications: mainly phi is 16. 20 and phi phi (25 Cardin arc diameter) Give priority to.

control the total length of 100 - card pin Between 125 mm.

appearance: look from the exterior, there can be no flash, burr, sag in place to ensure that the user feel comfortable and easy to take hold. In addition, the tip should be more sharp, peg leg deformation; 。

card nail fixation of floor heating power: enter the thermal insulation layer agnail can quickly open, resistant to pull off force should not be less than 15 Newton; 。

penetration: thermal insulation layer can easily penetrate 20 kg/m3; 。

staple of floor heating technology requirements:

1. Plastic nail higher hardness, better toughness.

2。 Plastic nail of low temperature resistant performance is better, agnail of mechanics Angle design is reasonable.

3。 Plastic nail should be able to adapt to different ways of operation.

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