The specification and construction procedure of nail HeJian heat preservation

by:MPS     2020-10-11

heat preservation nail specifications of the unit is mm, general heat preservation nail consists of casing and disc 8 * 100, or 8 mm is casing diameter, 100 mm is the length of the casing. The default is 5 cm discs. Expansion heat preservation nail anchor effective depth of at least 4 cm, standard is different in different parts of the request,

special rock wool insulation nails construction procedure

1, positioning: insulation board on the wall, determine the anchoring point location;

2, drilling: through the insulation board already in place, in accordance with the provisions, size borehole ( Note: the actual depth into the wall should be more than 7 cm) ;

3, meshing, the heat preservation nail rod in chafing dish, make the heat preservation nail four ribs from the mesh plate;

4, implant: nail tube directly inserted into the drilled hole to heat preservation plate from the plate with;

5, type: to form a complete set of plastic nails in the nail with a hammer to knock into the tube, Plastic nail should be parallel to the insulation board shall prevail) 。

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