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The service life of heat preservation nail become a need to technological breakthroughs

by:MPS     2020-08-14
At present, the service life of heat preservation nail become a need to technological breakthroughs. According to expert introduction, pu heat preservation material of the life only 25 years, well below the average life expectancy of the building. Experts believe that the durability of exterior wall thermal insulation material and service life still need to have a bigger development. Building materials and building energy consumption in China accounted for 47 of energy consumption. 3%, building on the heating energy consumption per unit area is the international climate conditions similar to the 2 ~ 3 times of developed countries. Due to the north and the regional differences and city of insulation standards, caused by use of polyurethane thermal insulation of concrete form is different. Life expires, this means that the outer thermal insulation technology for housing insulation system update, another big construction projects. This new type of thermal insulation materials, there is still room for improvement in life, therefore, constant development and progress, can make the better development of new building materials.
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