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The same material and thickness of different specifications of the heat preservation nail price is different also

by:MPS     2020-06-19

people in for building exterior wall thermal insulation, inevitably will use insulation materials, heat preservation nail as fixed material is indispensable. It is a kind of heat-resistant hardy material, which make it on the outside wall heat preservation and thermal insulation material ', and ', not because their own problems appear fall off wait for a phenomenon. And then there are the characteristics of corrosion resistance, so that can effectively cope with the characteristics of natural bad weather, the resistance to acid rain, etc.

now, under normal circumstances of exterior wall thermal insulation engineering use blue plastic skin do insulation nails, this product can have very good fixation effect. There is a difference between nail thickness, usually to use more thick nails? Compared with the heat preservation nail white blue plastic leather material proved to be more common, but on the use effect is much better. Generally the price of the nail is determined according to the specifications and the thickness.

the material, the better, the more thick insulation nails, prices generally will be high. The same material and thickness of different specifications of the nails, the price also is different. Manufacturers in the production of nails now choose the roughness of 340 silk, not only cheap but also can achieve very good effect on inflation.

heat preservation nail to keep its own position, should do first is to enhance their capabilities. Now the nail has the characteristics of heat-resistant hardy corrosion, we should strengthen the advantage on select material, at the same time as far as possible to develop other advantages. In addition, the appearance, we also want to nail a bold reform. In shape, the traditional heat preservation nail is rectangular, we can according to the different design of using the environment of other shapes nails, of course, this to guarantee performance under the condition of the nail. On color, metallic nails in the majority, but the color of the nail to a certain extent, more can meet the demand of the market, and the appearance of the paint can better prevent the oxidation of the nail.

most heat preservation nail is aluminous material for the production of raw materials, aluminum low coefficient of thermal conductivity is a well known things, so made of aluminum screws used in the wall or on the roof, not conduct heat easily, so you can prevent the indoor and outdoor air circulation, so as to achieve the effect of heat insulation, heat preservation in winter, summer that is a reflection of its heat preservation function, also it is one of the reasons for reuse.

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