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The role of exterior wall thermal insulation nails in use process

by:MPS     2020-06-30

outer wall heat preservation nail fixed role mainly in the insulation board, in the house we live in has almost of exterior wall thermal insulation. It is a wide range of application in the construction industry, and its application effect is very good also. It is so good, thanks to its performance advantages. Outer wall heat preservation nail aging resistance is very good, in fact, this material has a lot to do with it, it is a kind of plastic expansion heat preservation nail. It is a layer of plastic outside, plastic anti-aging performance is very good. At the same time as the outer plastic, so it has a good insulation, this greatly improved the safety of construction. Second outer wall heat preservation nail also has the very good performance of bearing high pressure, it is not easy to deformation in construction process is very convenient to install. This nail heat resistant to cold also is very good, both in winter and summer in fixed thermal insulation layer is no problem, can the very good thermal insulation layer in place. * * after the outer wall heat preservation nail has good moisture resistance, air is very humid in time will not affect its quality, its corrosion resistance performance is very good.

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