The quality problem of the bar

by:MPS     2020-10-28

many wholesalers buy outer wall heat preservation nail it is direct and brand manufacturers to cooperate, but does not pay special attention to the quality of contrast. Do as long as it is and the normal manufacturer cooperation, the quality of the heat preservation nail general also won't have too big problems, but if it is found that the quality of the product after purchase there is a problem, also be quite complicated to deal with, everybody to want to know how to go ahead for the situation to deal with.

of exterior wall thermal insulation nail manufacturers recommend first contact the after-sales service department, or direct contact with each other through the network, so you can know should how to deal with, what are the after-sales service personnel, when can you finish product replacement, etc. But there is a major premise, that is, manufacturers are willing to provide us with the corresponding after-sales service, has been clear in advance. If there is no clear and after-sales service, and that it may need more treatment method.

if you have already found the outer wall heat preservation nail appeared very serious quality problem, suggest or stop using, direct purchase new or is waiting for the solution, etc. Suggest it is better able to cooperation and normal manufacturer, also want to clear the other what provide after-sales service, whether or not meets our requirements, etc. As long as it is to ensure that the corresponding after-sales service, product quality, and offer other aspects actually don't need us to worry about.

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