The production of nylon rods steps

by:MPS     2020-10-05

it is well known that no matter what product, when making production has certain steps, nylon rods is not exceptional also, so you know how to make the nylon rods is? Don't know if it doesn't matter, today factory to introduce for everybody:

1, equipment: plastic extruding machine.

2. Material: nylon rods extrusion plastic products in larger varieties is relatively difficult re-election viscosity grade 3. Zero or more times, the lower the viscosity, the more likely they are to material selection, extrusion mould need to be more mature. According to the screw choose different aspect ratio and other data granularity of raw materials.

3, mold: building and common plastic nose is a huge difference, but the pressure is relatively harsh.

4, preparation: due to the moisture absorption of nylon, make dry before the processing of raw materials, to ensure that the 0. The moisture content of 3% or less.

5, preheating.

6, extrusion, size, code, meters, coiling, inspection, warehousing.

7 above, PA11 nylon rods / 12 extrusion, molding of PA6 nylon rods, etc. , generally to adjust, wet processing, soft products.

8, need to adjust the wet processing materials generally good low temperature resistance, easy to brittle fracture.

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