The problems that should be noticed in winter concrete construction and control measures

by:MPS     2020-08-11
< P> concrete structure crack is a common technical problems. Modern submicroscopic research results of concrete strength theory and a large number of engineering practice experience are provided by the concrete structure crack is inevitable, especially modern concrete construction generally used goods and pumping construction of concrete admixture, admixture and other widely used in concrete, leads to the coagulation soil cracks are widespread. Is due to the large volume concrete pouring process, cracks are more likely to happen. Winter period of mass concrete construction through the selection of raw materials of concrete, the concrete slump control, the optimization of concrete mixture ratio, concrete pouring process of careful organization, after the concrete pouring of elaborate maintenance several links such as strictly control, effectively prevent the occurrence of large volume concrete cracks. < / P> < P> 1 several problems should be paid attention to winter construction < / P> < P> 1. 1 winter construction must ensure the engineering quality, achieve the safety in production. Winter construction measures of economic and reasonable scheme gold, and minimizing the cost increase, and as far as possible to reduce energy consumption, shorten the construction period. < / P> < P> 1。 2 part of rain, sewage pipeline in winter construction of this project, so must be arranged in the production plan, and implement in advance, do reasonable lap, minimize the winter construction of surface. < / P> < P> 1。 3 have been identified into the winter construction project, in the winter of materials, equipment, implement, to ensure the construction power, to achieve the continuous construction, avoid to cause don't have to waste. < / P> < P> 1。 4 winter construction plan, should according to the engineering characteristics and winter construction information feedback, arrangement of annual winter construction principle and implementation of the policy, according to the general principles of the company, the specific situation of the unit, formulation of construction of the winter, tried to compile general engineering winter female crown measures and key project unit engineering winter construction plan, the main contents are: winter construction production deployment task characteristics, the main winter construction method, heat source equipment, insulation materials, additive material plan, winter construction personnel training plan, construction management, winter construction project and heat source arrangement. < / P> < P> 1。 5 admixture prepared material department should according to the plan to purchase orders, other resources: heat preservation, cover material, equipment, and main construction method based on the characteristics of engineering tasks, determine the amount of heat preservation, cover material, planning, organization approach to store and custody. < / P> < P> 1。 6 technical training, before entering the winter construction, construction management, measuring temperature assessment of personnel training, training mainly includes the contents of construction management personnel: learn about winter construction, norms; Learning company for winter construction principle, the main winter construction methods and technical measures; Learning to adopt new technology in winter construction; Study of winter construction in daily management work and fire safety measures. Temperature measurement personnel training contents should include: understanding the meaning and significance of work, improve the sense of responsibility, learning to master all kinds of the use of the temperature measuring instruments and meters, learning all kinds of construction of temperature measurement requirements, learning records various temperature measurement data and fill in the form. < / P> < P> 1。 7 all the preparation work on the construction site, must be finished before concrete pouring, to enter the winter construction conditions. Site preparation requirements: raw material heating equipment meets the requirements, good insulation enclosure; Admixtures have reserves, keep, no burst; Fire water supply pipeline, template heat preservation measures has been completed; Temperature measurement work has begun, temperature record is complete, the living facilities is ready for winter, and conform to the requirements of the fire safety, unfinished process before entering the winter construction should be parked in the reasonable area. < / P> < P> 1。 8 winter construction plan management, before entering the winter construction, the preparations for winter construction projects and labor into the production plan and recruitment plan, and connecting with the construction plan at all levels, will arrange the production plan. The winter construction process in strict accordance with the provisions on the winter construction technology requirement and the winter construction scheme of certain principles and construction methods for the construction. < / P> < P> 2 winter construction control measures < / P> < P> 2. 1 we will strictly control the quality of the raw materials of concrete raw material conditions and technical indicators, to take 'concentrate policy' to choose high quality raw materials, it is prohibited to unqualified raw materials into the scene. < / P> < P> silt content should be used as low as possible in the aggregate. Aggregate of silt content on the tensile strength and shrinkage deformation of concrete. Use of hydraulic aggregate, aggregate and cement surface mechanical stick relay is reduced, but also increase the tensile strength of concrete mixed with soil, cause shrinkage crack. < / P> < P> high fineness of cement is bound to bring a higher strength, but also improve the fineness of cement will inevitably bring larger shrinkage, significantly increase the shrinkage stress, so while the fineness of cement should be as low as possible. < / P>
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