The performance characteristics of nylon rods

by:MPS     2020-10-06

nylon rods with good toughness, wear resistance, oil resistance, seismic, tensile strength, flexural strength, water absorption, good dimensional stability, which is used for processing all kinds of high strength wear-resistant parts. Nylon rods widely used, is a plastic instead of steel, iron, copper and other metal materials, is an important engineering plastics, cast nylon widely instead of mechanical equipment wear parts, instead of copper and the alloy wear-resistant parts.

the spindle of the nylon rods at both ends are equipped with coat and roll head, and all have the same slot, to match the slider. The width of the slot to 50 mm, deep 18. 5 mm, this is known as the slider and coat in the shaft are exposed to maximum upward long variable values, on which a to deliver significant torque. The spindle with nylon rods pin coat the start-stop action card ring ( One at each end) , it is two and a half ring through a hinge, bolted.

nylon rods mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness, high toughness, good ageing resistance, good mechanical damping capacity, good sliding resistance, excellent wear resistance, good machining performance, when used for precision control, no creep phenomenon, anti-wear performance good, good dimensional stability. If you have needs, can communicate with me by phone manufacturers contact.

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