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The outer wall heat preservation need heat preservation nail specifications

by:MPS     2020-11-09

most people now live in the village, the village of detached wing will need to do heat preservation processing before check-in. Thermal insulation material has a lot of, of course the fixed insulation heat preservation nail is indispensable, what specifications are needed when do heat preservation heat preservation nail? The following will introduce you to everyone.

what concrete to be used in thermal insulation engineering specifications of the heat preservation nail it depends on the thickness of the insulation board. If the thickness of the insulation board is 30 mm, then use specifications is 8 * 82 heat preservation nail. Explain to everybody, 8 representative is the diameter of the tube expanding, 82 represent the length of the tube expanding. If thicker insulation board, the expansion pipe length is longer. Such as 50 mm insulation board is 8 * 102 specifications should be used.

heat preservation nail besides different specifications, can also points a lot of material and color, have a need to know the customer can inquire.

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a: small heat preservation nail which brings people a convenient next up: the outer wall heat preservation nail what should use?

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