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The outer wall heat preservation nail has very good heat preservation effect

by:MPS     2020-06-24

outer wall heat preservation nail generally used in the outer surface of the large buildings, because it has very good heat preservation effect, so it is often used to fixed insulation board, are needed in many building insulation board, and the outer wall heat preservation nail is a nail can be used to fixed insulation board. Outer wall heat preservation nail also has very strong robustness and corrosion resistance, its service life is very long, so it can guarantee the safety of the buildings.

heat preservation nail as special engineering plastic bolts main role is to put the insulation board fixed on the wall, composed of material is galvanized screws, fixed wafer, nylon tube, products used in the different thickness of insulation layer, so the varied specifications.

bar of high bearing capacity, good tensile performance, cold heat resistant, anti-aging, not easy to happen after deformation and good thermal insulation, can very good moistureproof shock. During the installation process, easy operation, no need to use special installation tool, so that more conducive to promote the use of products. My factory specializing in the production of thermal insulation nails, nail geothermal CARDS, wall insulation nails, bolts and a series of products, good quality and reasonable price. If you have needs, can contact with my factory consultation by telephone, or to enter our website to leave a message, we will call you back in time.

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