The outer wall heat preservation nail excellent properties

by:MPS     2020-11-09

heat preservation nail is a kind of widely used in special anchorage of exterior wall thermal insulation parts, mainly composed of galvanized screws, nylon tube rises and the fixed wafer of three parts. Depending on the thickness of insulation, its also have different specifications, and feature is also very prominent.

overall, my factory production nail has anti-aging, anti-corrosion insulation moistureproof, cold heat, pressure high, sound-absorbing, shock absorption, etc. In addition, the heat preservation nail installation is simple, no special installation tools, of which the galvanized screws can be very good to solve the corrosion problem, has the very good durability, heat resistant and nylon material, to ensure the high efficiency and energy saving.

bar for specific features can be summarized as:

1, high bearing capacity, good weatherability and effective anti-aging and weathering, shock resistance, resistance to fracture, durable.

2, is suitable for the external wall thermal insulation system of insulation board is fixed, but also suitable for concrete, solid brick, hollow block, aerated concrete wall, practicality is very high.

3, construction is convenient, fast operation, and can ensure security, won't appear any adverse situation.

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a: discussion of heat preservation nail green development mode under a: focus on energy conservation and emissions reduction of thermal expansion nail manufacturers

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