The new heat preservation nail has the characteristic of safety, environmental protection, fast

by:MPS     2020-06-19

the new heat preservation nail fixed nail is a kind of fast, using compressed air or gas for power, has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, quick, the replacement of traditional insulation heat preservation nail is nail products.

heat preservation nail chassis has two kinds of 60 mm and 50 mm. 60 mm chassis is rock wool board is special heat preservation nail. Also can customize according to the needs of users.

heat preservation nail set of heat preservation material has much to do with you, such as extruded board, polystyrene, rock wool board, foam glass plate and so on will be different to the requirement of heat preservation nail! The 10 j121 exterior insulation construction '

heat preservation of exterior wall thermal insulation nails into type gun installation speed is anchor bolt type heat preservation nail punch 3 - — Five times, the in the general installation speed had the very big enhancement. Apparently construction can significantly shorten the time limit, will greatly reduce the number of employment, for the construction of the economic benefits of is easy to see now. Heat preservation nail is a lot of more phyletic, different color, roughly divided into: fission heat preservation heat preservation nail nails and connected, thermal insulation engineering mainly conjoined nail, is divided into external wall insulation bolts, into the type insulation nails, pneumatic heat preservation nail, exterior wall anchor.

insulation anchor nail is a new kind of fasteners, used for exterior insulation of fastening expansion anchor bolt can be substituted for thermal insulation construction. In order to ensure the product usage, before buying please contact customer service consulting,, we close technical services.

outer wall heat preservation nail type size, can according to your thickness of insulation board, insulation board thickness if it is 3 cm thick, just choose 3 cm long heat preservation nail, and so on, and look at the wall, please suggest casting rigid wall, heat preservation nail nail in the middle of the steel core length should be 4. 2 cm. If the wall is aerated block should choose the length of 5. 2 cm steel nails. Friends in at the time of purchase can be consulting us, who we are at your service! The outer wall heat preservation nail manufacturers selling no difference. The fast construction of exterior wall thermal insulation nail graphic.

outer wall heat preservation nail pneumatic nail manufacturers selling price, the new heat preservation nail type of anchor bolt wall offer

( A) Product quality commitment

1, the product, our company strictly check, after being confirmed qualified product package delivery.

2, product quantity, our company according to customer requirements, strict packaging, each bag at zero error. 01%

now anchor bolt insulation nail wall thermal insulation nails model quotation

our factory production and sales of the new heat preservation nail, gb bolt, external wall insulation nails, lengthen insulation nails, nail anchor, ensure drawing experiment, qualified certificates to be complete, sincere cooperation with you! Outer wall heat preservation nail pneumatic nail production wholesale? The outer wall heat preservation nail manufacturers selling no difference.

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