The model and type of nail insulation

by:MPS     2020-10-29

heat preservation nail product cost is low, its simple structure, convenient installation, the price is reasonable, can accept for many users, as anchor reinforcement is commonly used in thermal insulation, heat preservation nail products is very important, good construction, durable life is long, is the public can rest assured the choose and buy and use a product.

heat preservation nail is different according to the model, different types, different brands listed prices are different, in general, the price is not high, which almost and builders are able to withstand, still can bring us good load-bearing, fixed, connection, weather resistance, heat preservation nail can plays a significant role in the building wall thermal insulation, exterior wall thermal insulation overall fall off a lot of places with exterior wall anchoring - Have a direct contact heat preservation nail.

heat preservation nail bottom-up from the beginning of the support part, with polymer glue cracking mortar, paste on the wall. Bonding area should be greater than 35%, the first layer is greater than 50%. Outer sheath heavier, per square meter to 4 - 6 bar. Glue to cover the construction will stop after 24 hours. Thermal insulation on the surface of the nail can be applied to every 24 hours. Insulation board thickness, density, according to the design requirements, the general should not be less than 4 cm in the north of the Yellow River region, the density of 50 kg/m3, cold area should be upset.

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