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The manufacturer is introduced using heat preservation nail considerations

by:MPS     2020-08-19

in the construction industry, the installation of external wall of heat preservation material, insulation nails are often used in materials, although its small size, but action is very big, the heat preservation material of fixed plays a big role, at the time of use should pay attention to what problem?

we are using heat preservation nail fixed time, you first need to determine the specifications of the products, because of the different thermal insulation material is different in thickness, etc, the use of thermal insulation of the specifications of the nail is different also, the second to determine the number and type of product of purchase, if the product purchase too much also useless, also can form waste money. Going to identify these problems in purchasing phase. At the start of construction, we need to make sure every square metre is the number of materials to be used in heat preservation nail, should pay attention to in construction in accordance with the design drawings for construction. After installed insulation nails, we also need to carry on the corresponding check, basically be to see whether the heat preservation nail firmly fixed on the wall.

nail insulation is a very good fixed material, so should pay attention to the above problems in the construction.

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