The main characteristic of thermal insulation mortar materials

by:MPS     2020-08-13
< P> thermal insulation mortar materials main characteristics are: 1, has excellent weather resistance. Low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation performance stability, softening coefficient, high resistance to freezing and thawing, anti-aging. 2, system no cavity, negative wind pressure resistance is strong, suitable for multi-storey and high-rise buildings. 3, good air permeability, respiratory function is strong, has very good waterproof function, and can deal with thermal insulation layer of water. 4, adopt flexible anti-crack technology. Each layer material elastic modulus variation index matching step by step a gradient, deformation and limits allowed to combine, can scatter and deformation stress. Grassroots deformation adaptable, effectively prevent the cracks of metope. 5, insulation mortar materials comprehensive cost is low. Thermal insulation mortar materials - is a kind of low thermal conductivity, easy construction, oil, acid resistance, alkali resistance, no pollution of the ideal of new thermal insulation material. It into hydrophobic silica insulation coatings, and powder polystyrene particles exterior insulation coating. The former is composed of high quality sepiolite velvet, aluminum silicate fiber, expanded perlite, organic silicon, etc all kinds of high quality thermal insulation material and polymer compound, with excellent insulation properties are widely used in wall body, tanks, cold storage, such as pipe insulation. The latter is a kind of new thermal insulation material by powder and polystyrene particles of two components. Construction technology by insulation, anti-crack and waterproof surface protective layer of insulation layer using powder polystyrene particles insulation mortar, anti-crack protective layer, is to join in the anti-crack mortar plastic coated alkali resistant glass fiber grid cloth, the waterproof layer is the elastic primer on the surface protective layer, facing for coating and face brick. < / P> < P> < / P>
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