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The main characteristic of thermal insulation coating

by:MPS     2020-08-13
1, has excellent weather resistance. Low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation performance stability, softening coefficient, high resistance to freezing and thawing, anti-aging. 2, adopt flexible anti-crack technology. Each layer material elastic modulus variation index matching step by step a gradient, deformation and limits allowed to combine, can scatter and deformation stress. Grassroots deformation adaptable, effectively prevent the cracks of metope. 3, system no cavity, negative wind pressure resistance is strong, suitable for multi-storey and high-rise buildings. 4, good air permeability, respiratory function is strong, has very good waterproof function, and can deal with thermal insulation layer of water. 5, fireproof rank for the B1 level. 6, construction is convenient, the use of premixed dry mixing and lightweight aggregate packing technology can avoid the construction site no problems weighing. Can multipoint level construction speed is fast. 7, strong ability to rectify. The level is not high, good adaptability to the structure of the construction, to effectively implement decoration for local deviation rectification. 8, low comprehensive cost.
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