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The main characteristic of nylon

by:MPS     2020-10-02

that is commonly used in industrial nylon rods mainly has two kinds: one kind is the extrusion molding, is a kind of casting molding. Out of the main material is nylon 6, 66, 1010, 12, 11, 1212, such as material, casting of the commonly used is the MC nylon. According to different requirements of different materials selected nylon.

extrusion classes: one for ordinary nylon, nylon 6 and 66 and long carbon chain nylon 1212, bibulous rate is bigger, poor wear resistance, higher hardness, better heat resistance, low temperature resistance is a bit poor. If you use environment requiring water resistant, cold resistant, wear resistant, suggested to select excellent long carbon chain nylon. Casting bar, forming efficiency is low, performance is close to ordinary nylon.

nylon as a large amount of engineering plastics, widely used in machinery, automobiles, electrical appliances, textile equipment, chemical equipment, aviation, metallurgy and other fields. Become indispensable structure material, its main characteristics are as follows:

1. Excellent mechanical properties. Nylon high mechanical strength, good toughness.

2。 Since the embellish sex, good frictional resistance. Nylon has the very good since embellish sex, small friction coefficient, thus, its service life is long as the driving part.

3。 Excellent heat resistance. Such as nylon 46 high crystalline nylon thermal deformation temperature is very high, can be used in long period under 150 ℃. PA66 after

after glass fiber reinforced, its thermal deformation temperature is above 250 ℃.

4。 Excellent electrical insulation properties. Nylon volume resistance is very high, high breakdown voltage, and is a good electrical, electrical insulating materials.

5。 Excellent weatherability.

6。 Water imbibition. Nylon big water imbibition, saturated water can reach above 3%. Stability in a certain extent affect the size of the parts.

polyamide commonly known as nylon, it is the main chain molecules unit the floorboard of the polymer containing amide groups. Polyamide acid amine can be from inside the ring opening polymerization system, and also can be obtained by diamine and dibasic acid polycondensation. Polyamide ( PA) Refers to the main chain section contains polarity amide groups ( - - - - - - 有限公司- A) NH The high polymer.

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