The influence of changes in the environment of external wall thermal insulation nails

by:MPS     2020-10-10

the environment the influence of external wall thermal insulation nails is very big. For special insulation nails, if use environment is wet, then we will to do it well in advance of the corresponding measures, such as anticorrosive measures, moisture-proof measures. General manufacturer at the time of introduce special nail insulation performance, will highlight it moistureproof ability, is a certain degree of humidity is not too big problem for it, but if long time placing it in a humid environment, so it is also unable to.

as more and more heat preservation material, part of the insulation industry has entered the transition period, plastic heat preservation nail industry transformation is also important part, and the differentiation e-commerce platform will also be more impetus to the development of heat preservation material industry. And the outer wall heat preservation nail also made great contribution for our building insulation, can say a small nail, the benefit of thousands. Around a fire frequently in recent years, mainly because of combustible insulation material is adopted in part of the building, serious threat to residents' lives and property safety. Today to ensure the quality became enterprise must consider the question how to only guarantee the quality of heat preservation nail can win the market and promote the development of industry.

with the development of network marketing and the new rise of consumption subject, more and more heat preservation nail enterprises begin to test the waters of Internet marketing. Believe that with the online time fully open, insulation nails from offline to online sales channel transformation is trend information processing, the higher the degree of automation. We need to create more opportunities for effective communication, self-improvement in the bar for the market.

our government to really consider what should formulate industrial policy, support what kind of industry and the domestic demand, we can't use fiscal funds to subsidize those backward production capacity and excess capacity, green building, building energy conservation will be undoubtedly the best domestic demand. Heat preservation nail as new building materials of heat preservation material industry should seize the opportunity to join electrical contractor. Heat preservation nail industry to seize the opportunity electricity train ride, however, when the Internet back in after a harsh winter, is traditional industry e-commerce, is no longer the impact and subversion, but the mutual fusion together.

nail is a thermal insulation package board on the wall with engineering plastic bolts, the heat preservation, many different kinds of products, including cavity wall insulation products, rock wool insulation products, boiler thermal insulation products, insulation products have different function. Rock wool board is a kind of good thermal insulation material, widely used in architectural heat preservation, rock wool insulation nails can be firmly fixed on the wall of rock wool board, closely integrated with the wall heat preservation effect. On cavity wall insulation products is a kind of hollow wall and design of the thermal insulation products, generally cannot be applied to the nail fixed cavity wall thermal insulation material, cavity wall insulation products heat preservation material and cavity wall can be fixed together, to achieve the effect of heat preservation.

blue plastic leather material is common, but are much better than white not mark, so the heat preservation nail manufacturers matching nails roughness are 3. 3 mm or 3. 5 mm, the price is cheap, and expanding the effect also is very good!

so HeJian heat preservation nail factory remind buyers must pay attention to the thickness of the insulation board, and then calculate the use what size of heat preservation nail is more appropriate, avoid by all means is blind procurement, must be consulted before purchasing manufacturers plastic expansion tubes, actual size and heat preservation nail manufacturers do nails, compatibility, lest cause unnecessary loss problems appeared in the construction

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