The importance of exterior wall thermal insulation nails for insulation construction

by:MPS     2020-06-28

when we were building exterior wall thermal insulation, we are often applied to the bar for this kind of materials, heat preservation nail fixed thermal insulation material is mainly used to anchor pieces, so we have to know about the usage of it? Below by our heat preservation nail factory to do detailed introduction for all of us.

with the improvement of people's living standard continuously, we are becoming more and more high to the requirement of living conditions, the construction of exterior wall thermal insulation system for a building is very important, is an important standard of architecture to the relevant departments qualified audit. If it is not qualified to have influence on the project after. People pay more and more attention to external wall thermal insulation system, it is an important guarantee for safety and health of people. In the construction in the use of the material can't careless, when choosing rock wool board and heat preservation nail if all quality guaranteed, can through the audit. Heat preservation nail stability is very good, in the face of the change in temperature is very 'light', is not afraid of cold high temperature also not afraid, for external vibration is very stable, anti-aging performance is also very good, good tensile performance are both the reasons for the heat preservation nail always in an impregnable position. As the floor is higher, the use of the heat preservation nail quantity is also increasing. For single block insulation board insulation nails to increase the number of fixed. Other insulation materials according to their stretching and wind resistance to determine the amount of heat preservation nail.

either in hot summer or in cold winter, for building needs to inherit. So for the use of insulation board is very important, heat preservation nail is mainly used to fix insulation board. And played a very good moisture-proof performance, in order to be able to let everybody know more next to him is our of exterior wall thermal insulation manufacturers to do detailed introduction for you.

in the family of a lot of spending in order to save money for choosing materials when it comes to considering the service life of the problem, our company produces the outer wall heat preservation nail has the characteristics of anti-aging cold resistant to heat, so its service life is long, can save some money for you. Especially in the south of the city water, exterior wall thermal insulation nails can use our building objects to us a very good protection effect. Before our construction, the construction unit needs based on the construction of the area to determine the use of the heat preservation nail number. Determine to choose the types of nails at the same time, because of different kinds, the use of custom number also is not the same, say to the kinds of problems, we are here to remind you that some nails and prone to fracture in winter, so we should correct choice type also should pay attention to these aspects. We are in the process of construction, the construction unit must pay attention to the safety pin site, to ensure that the collective placed in a box, so you can avoid placed everywhere, cause it is easy to determine product quantity.

the content of the above is our for heat preservation nail manufacturers to introduce for us here. Because of time, we introduce here today. If you are interested in our products, you can call our hotline like us. Our company all staff welcome your arrival.

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