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The importance of building insulation material flame retardant

by:MPS     2020-08-07
< P> < P> < / P> < P> < / P> < P> Shanghai '11, 15' serious fire in particular 58 people were killed, hundreds of families. According to this, the expert inside course of study in a few days ago, said in an interview this devastating fires re-emphasizes the importance of building material flame retardant. With the progress of technology, polymer composite materials in the chemical building materials, electrical and electronic, household furniture, decorative materials such as category has been widely used, but due to high polymer material has the flammability, to fire safe also brought a lot of action. From the scene of the fire the fire condition, the construction unit is polyurethane foam insulation materials without flame retardant treatment. If by flame retardant polyurethane material with country code, put out will drop down, the fire will not straight to move along the floor. 'Polyurethane foam insulation materials is a kind of high performance building insulation materials, 80% of America's outer wall heat preservation is pu material, due to the severe fire retardant specification, so use is very safe. Of exterior wall thermal insulation materials as pu in China also has a clear flame retardant specification request, after a flame retardant treatment of polyurethane complete had to withstand electrical sparkle provoked little fire, do not form such a large fire. From the current state of fire statistics, the cause of the fire cause casualties is mainly the existence of a large amount of fuel in the public places and dispersive channel is not smooth. If can reduce fuel content, reduce fire load, and the flame retardant, low smoke, low toxic and nontoxic items such as appliances, decoration materials, furniture, will be able to progress from the source fire safe degree, even ordinary also won't attack fire disaster forming serious personal casualty and wealth loss. Is flame retardant consumption in our country, at present there are more than 1000 domestic flame retardant consumption enterprises, annual production of more than 20, ten thousand tons of flame retardant has become the second to the plasticizer plastics additives. Is production, use quantity is not low, but big local are used as flame retardants products exported to foreign countries, domestic plastic products using flame retardants is not much, the current domestic flame retardant plastic dosage ratio is less than 3% in plastic material, with foreign gap is big. < / P> < P> < / P> < P> < / P>
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