The general principles of castable construction

by:MPS     2020-08-05
< P> castable before construction should strictly check the following content: ( 1) Check the generation of the appearance of injection equipment and clean burning; ( 2) Check construction machines and tools in good condition, vibrating tools must have a good spare parts; ( 3) Check the anchor type, size, layout and welding quality, metal anchor pieces must be prepared to expand compensation processing; ( 4) Check around firebrick lining and insulation castable water loss prevention; ( 5) Check the packing of the castable and manufacture date, and carries on the preliminary tests to check whether the failure; ( 6) Check the construction of the water, the water quality must meet the quality of drinking water. All of the above project should check unqualified when processing qualified rear can construction. Expired materials shall not be used. Castable in construction to ensure that no power outage, do not interrupt the construction. U burn note material construction made with templates available steel or hard wood. Template should have sufficient strength, good rigidity, not contorts, do not shift, not leak slurry. Steel template to apply release agent, wooden template to brush waterproof paint. Repeated use of wood to cleaning, paint again before use. Taken the castable water content should be controlled strictly according to the instruction for use, shall not exceed the limit. On the premise of ensure the construction performance, add water should be few unfavorable. Taken the castable is half time should be no less than 5 minutes. The use of forced mixer while operating. Mixing of dry mixed in advance, then stir in just the right amount of water, and then depending on the degree of wet and dry, add the remaining water continue stirring, until obtain appropriate work consistency. Mixing different burn note should first mixer to clean clean. < / P> < P> < / P> < P> < / P>
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