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The discrimination method of the heat preservation nail quality when buy

by:MPS     2020-10-20

when we were in the use of thermal insulation nails will look at its quality, if the quality of heat preservation nail does not pass, will use of metope after we did a lot of trouble, so we buy heat preservation nail the how to distinguish the quality of the heat preservation nail, the heat preservation nail manufacturers like you to explain the quality of heat preservation nail discrimination method.

see softness, see the joint, the intrusive. Look at the price. Heat preservation nail is insulation board fixed on the wall of a kind of special engineering plastic swell. It consists of three some: it is made of nylon sleeve; Second, the casing of galvanized steel screws; Three is the nylon disc before casing to gland insulation board. Its length varies according to the thickness of insulation board.

outer wall heat preservation nail is used in the thermal insulating layer of the role of exterior wall thermal insulation system is particularly significant, high compressive strength, can prevent damage of lighting strike, low thermal conductivity, can reduce the wall thickness of the layout; Dimension stability, deformation under temperature change scene, can prevent the coating crack appearance, together to supply wall ornament with smooth appearance, as well as cement coating at the bottom.

in order to distinguish between gb and non-standard products, used in the specifications of tube expanding with 2 Numbers, to mark national standard products, but now has two digital products is not necessarily can achieve real size, such as 8 x 102. According to the standards in actual length shall be 100 mm, because manufacturers to cut corners, often do the length of 97 mm, according to the standards of plastic tube expanding heat preservation nail manufacturers should be around 97 mm purchasing nails, because plastic tube expanding, the decreasing of the nail should also corresponding shortened, using 94 - 95 mm between the nail is suitable.

so HeJian heat preservation nail factory remind buyers must pay attention to the thickness of the insulation board, and then calculate the use what size of heat preservation nail is more appropriate, avoid by all means is blind procurement, must be consulted before purchasing manufacturers plastic expansion tubes, actual size and heat preservation nail manufacturers do nails, compatibility, lest cause unnecessary loss problems appeared in the construction

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