The development of 'within the external wall thermal insulation technology

by:MPS     2020-07-31
< P> the wall thermal insulation material is in recent years the development of new wall materials, can be a lot of wall materials saving, improve the wall heat preservation performance, reduce the pollution of the environment, has a good investment environment. Wall insulation materials development in China started late, for the user to choose fewer varieties, unable to meet the requirements of green energy-saving buildings and the social sustainable development. For extension and application of new protection of land resources and ecological environment, save energy and promote the development of circular economy, in the period of the ninth five-year plan, a new type of wall heat preservation material entered into the phase of rapid development, currently has a large-scale development. It is understood that the wall heat preservation has experienced within the exterior wall insulation, insulation layer and the development of external wall thermal insulation. < / P> < P> according to expert introduction, 'within the external wall thermal insulation technology, namely the internal wall additional insulation materials in the architectural space to achieve energy saving, but take up indoor usable floor area, indoor secondary to decorate, question and so on heat preservation and heat insulation effect is not ideal; 'Sandwich insulation technology', that is, to the outer wall adopts hierarchical processing measures, forming the wall - — Heat preservation material - — Heat preservation and heat insulation wall system, to achieve, but the energy saving effect is poor, construction difficult problems, such as; 'Wall exterior insulation technology, namely attached on the outside of building external wall thermal insulation material to achieve energy saving, it is a kind of promoting building energy efficiency technology, wide applicable range, high technical content, but also some problems such as construction is difficult. So the development and application of new type is imminent. < / P> < P> a large number of engineering practice has proved that the current widespread adoption of exterior insulation technology is good wall thermal insulation technology. Low level of technology in our country, the low-grade products, therefore, to develop the industrialized production, stable and reliable product quality, professional construction and architecture with the life of the effective thermal insulation wall materials is imperative. Heat preservation, heat insulation, waterproof, moistureproof, decoration in the integration of a new generation of exterior wall thermal insulation decoration system, and worthy of popularization. < / P> < P> < / P> < P> < / P>
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