The correct installation special wall thermal insulation nails

by:MPS     2020-09-01
Special wall thermal insulation nailed how to properly install special wall thermal insulation in our wall construction plays a very important role in anchoring, then how can we correct to use it? How to ensure that it has a very good use effect? Let's simple introduce below. First is the length of the heat preservation nail specifications, the requirements in the wall at the grass-roots level of effective length is zero. 25 cm, so the thermal insulation layer thickness of the anchor length is different, different use another nail wall different choice of insulation at the grass-roots level species also have difference. Heat preservation nail length = adhesive thickness + thickness of benzene plate + + deep wall plaster thickness size. When installation, and put up with a electric drill anchor bolt hole plug, anchor bolt hole depth is greater than the plastic expansion of 1 cm. On metope frame line, will board on the metope of bonding mortar, daub in 2 m ruler will be up and down or so compaction, level and vertical error should be controlled in 4 or less. 0 mm within, and then fixed heat preservation nail. Fixed, the expansion bolt to drive the anchoring force, heat preservation nail shall not be higher than plate groove and the page itself and around page in the same plane, not unlimited tight, otherwise it will damage the finished plate. We must be in accordance with the above method to operate.

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